The high-resolution files are delivered via the cloud - DropBox. If you follow these instructions my life gets a lot easier: 

The process is simply:

  1. Open a client account (free, that gives me your contact details etc)
  2. Select the photos you want and add them to a 'favourites' list(see detailed instructions below)
  3. Send the list to the photographer
  4. Email me when you’re done.

Then I gather them up, check them, and upload them to a folder on DropBox which is shared with you.

Selecting photos

When you are in a gallery, with a page of thumbnails on the screen, look for the “Select images” button towards the top right of the screen.  Pressing that enables you to click on the images you want.  A tick should appear on each one as you do it.  When you’re finished with that page, click on “add to favourites” at the top right.  You can go to another gallery and repeat the process if you wish.

When you are done, go back to the very top of the page and  look for the ‘Favourites’ tab at the top left.  Click on ‘edit my selection’  and, besides ‘my selection’  you’ll see a button marked ‘send to’.  Chose the ‘send to photographer’ tab, filling in the details requested.

I can then rapidly import your list, remove the copyright marks, carry out any final post-processing, and put them all on Dropbox