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New Zealand offers fantastic opportunities for photographing birdlife. Especially seabirds, where the pressure of introduced predators (and humans) is a lot less.

Many of the albatross images were captured on trips with "Alabatross Encounter" in Kaikoura.
Royal SpoonbillBullers albatross 1473Bullers albatross-1491Bullers albatross - 1700Wandering albatross-1586Southern Royal albatross-1662Black browed albatross-1679Black Browed albatross-1682Antarctic Fulmar-1723Cape Petrel - 1758Cape Petrel-1757Northern Royal Albatross 5285Northern Royal Albatross 5137Wandering Albatross 5282Wandering Albatross 5225Wandering Albatross 5178Wandering Albatross 13165Wandering Albatross 13186Wandering Albatross 6280Wandering Albatross 13160